about us

We’re the Bengal Brothers
We’re passionate in bringing you the most beautiful quality cubs! Bengal Kittens for sale in New York, NY

Our Philosophy

Bengal cats are astonishing! They are a joy and a wonder that is difficult to express. We believe that the Bengal is the purrfect health therapy animal. We have factual testimony in regards to the health benefits of this feline. These cubs are just irresistible, kind of like a dream come true. Our cubs are hand raised, well socialized and given lots of love and attention.

​Our Passion

We specialize in healthy, exotic looking, world champion lines. Our specialized small in home cattery is proudly registered with The International Cat Association. We follow their strict code of ethics. We take pride in building a better breeding program, by concentrating on one litter at a time to provide quality over quantity.

Our Vision

BengalBrothers.com – strives for excellence and accepts the responsibilities’ of being a reputable breeder. An amazing organization that’s always in good standings.