Meet Simba!

King of the Prideland! He is an incredibly beautiful rosetted Bengal, with amazing show cat qualities. He has amazing contrast, rosettes and lots of spots. This cub has lots of glitter, rounded ears and the face of a mountain lion. He has a very friendly personality and is one brave and curious lovable kitten. Simba would make an amazing show cat or perfect pet!

Meet Kovu!

This sweet rosetted Bengal kitten, has horizontal flow and large striking rosettes. Kovu has round beautiful eyes of the Asian leopard cat, very nice boning and a muscular body. Kovu is very active and playful and gets along with people great!

Meet Nala!

This little beauty has a gorgeous rich golden color with great large rosetting. Her coat is soft with lots of glitter. She has a beautiful head with rounded ears. Her loving personality makes it very easy and fun to cuddle and play with this little girl.

Meet Kiara!

This show cat is a beautiful contrasted Bengal girl! Kiara has incredible contrast, rosettes and lots of spots. She has a beautiful face with round ears and large whisker pads. Her coat has lots of glitter and she has a very outgoing personality. She loves to cuddle and play.